Saturday, 8 December 2012


Cornucopia Clothing is a North West based brand run by the gorgeous Rebekah Esme, and "is your provider of handmade and individual garments both vintage and current".
I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a Cornucopia representative, which is kind of brilliant because it means I get to show you all loads of amazing stuff that you'll love. 

Cornucopia has only just recently gone live, although prices are still incredible and Rebekah really knows what she's doing, give the site a few months and I know it will flourish into a wonderful place of magical things.

These pieces are really a really cute edition to my jewelry collection, although I have a feeling my sister may end up stealing the key necklace..
I'm in love with my handmade cross bracelet! It adds a bit of edge to any boring outfit and because it's handmade it makes me feel extra special.
Go and check things out for yourself on the Cornucopia Facebook Page or the Cornucopia Shop. Let me know what you think; I know I'm a happy bunny.

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