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Sunday, 30 December 2012


This was originally an article that I wrote on as part of Review Week, but I thought you lot might also fancy a read.

I would just like to start off by saying - do not worry. I'm not going to vomit a bunch of words into this article about what happened within fashion in January.. February.. March - half an hours snooze and a cup of coffee later - December..
That would be mind numbing-ly dull and lengthy, so I'm going to give you a brief overview of some of the best, (and perhaps worst trends) that have graced our eyes and wardrobes this year. 

First up, we have Autumn/Winter 2011 coming into 2012.

Jewel tones.
Forget the ice pop colours of Summer 2011 and embrace the dark, sophisticated colours with names that ooze luxury such as amethyst, sapphire and emerald. It adds colour to the everlasting trend of black without making you look like a neon sign above a pawn shop.

Designers including Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Giles may have made some of you go bright red looking at their A/W 2011/2012 collections but I really think it should be embraced. I mean, I don't know if it's just me but if it a trend is encouraging you to wear bondage as an accessory and is doing it in a classy way then WHY ISN'T EVERYONE DOING IT?! It's fun, it's vampy and it's sexy.

This is a trend that has just flared up again towards the end of 2012 too, and I really think it will carry on right through to 2013 because statement prints and textures are THE thing in fashion right now.

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Then, there was Spring/Summer 2012.

Pastel tones.
Yes I know, pastels do come around every Spring and Summer, but they weren't the grotesque colours that you always seem to see in rom-com films when the weird aunt gets married, these are cool and icy pastels. Something that will definitely be hanging around for next Summer.

It's such a feminine shape that I think a lot of girls found it hard not to buy at least one piece of clothing with a peplum involved; it accentuates your curves, and adds curves if you don't have any. And it's such a versatile silhouette - it adds and fun and girly-ness to sharp work wear and is so perfect for glam-ing up.

Statement Trousers.
As long as the print you wear is the brightest, the loudest, and the most textured, it really doesn't matter what cut you opt for. This trend was about letting your legs do the talking and it was a big hit. I know it was a big hit because I'm the kind of girl who would rather opt for a skirt or a dress rather than trousers or jeans, but I now own at least 4 pairs of trousers and another 3 are on my shopping list.

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So, which trends from 2012 will be creeping into 2013 Bex?! I hear your screaming at your screens. Well, fellow fashion enthusiast, I'll let you know some of my favourites.

Black leather.
This is the milder, slightly less naughty version of the fetish trend that hit us toward the end of 2011, one that will always come back round and one that always sparks surprise each times it does. It's still richly infused with gothic glamour and suggestion but it's for those of you who'd feel uncomfortable wearing that Alexander McQueen harness, or for those of you who are a bit like me and would just like to wear leather 24/7.

Supersized bags.
Oh my lord is this a brilliant trend! Helloooo statement piece that is actually useful and takes into consideration the amount of stuff women generally like to keep on them at all times. I'm talking plasters to pens, and moisturisers to measuring tapes.

A cracking pair of trousers.
Anything goes for this trend. Leather, tweed, slouchy boyfriend styles to the more tailored style, anything you can make into a pair of trousers, you can get away with. And it works too. You can go from work to the weekend and brunch with the girls to a night out; if you have THE trousers you can do anything.


And, if you really want to be ahead of the curve, my favourite trend for Spring/Summer 2013 is a question of whether you prefer neon or pastel? And are you really digging the new graphic print scene that seems to be appearing time and time again?

Saturday, 29 December 2012

DIY Skull Envelope Clutch

I don't know if I'm just mega picky but I struggle finding clutches I like. I either want a cute, bright pattern, or something plain and simple, because they go with so much. 

So, if you're like me and you find it hard it find something you like, then here is a step by step guide to a simple clutch that will go with any outfit.

What you will need:
A pen
Ruler or tape measure
Needle and thread (or sewing machine)
Decor of your choice (I opted for a skull stud)
Any material of your choice (in this case black faux leather)

First, draw the shape of your clutch. I know this one is an envelope shape but you can do any shape you like. 

Sew the sides together, but make sure it's the wrong way round as these is what will create a seam, so you there's no messy stitches on the outside. This would be much neater on a sewing machine, but you get the idea!

Then turn it the right way round et voila! You have a basic envelope clutch. All you need to do now is add your decor. I went for a skull stud because I'm obsessed with skulls and it makes it a little more edgy.  

Show me if you end up making one, for yourself or someone else!

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